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Susan Vaughn

"Natural beauty has long been the inspiration of classic architecture, the muse to which your heart becomes eyes."

Taking note of this at an early age, Susan Vaughn found an admiration particularly within the southern neighborhoods she grew up visiting. Houses weren't just houses. To her they are unique pieces of art, expressions of those who live within, and there's always allure.

This artistic urge led Susan to study interior design at the highly regarded school of design, FIDM, in Los Angeles. It was there she realized her passion. With a solid background in kitchen, bathroom, and furniture design, she moved beyond interiors quickly.

After graduation, Susan moved to Charlotte in 2006 where she began her career as an architectural designer. Over the past fourteen years, she has designed countless custom homes, renovations, garages, porches, follies, and even a ginseng barn. She aims to beautify the world one structure at a time.

Susan now resides with her husband and two daughters in their permanent vacation home in Wilmington, NC. You will most likely find her in the company of fine people, music, and art.


"Susan designed our kitchen last year. She gave me the walk in pantry that I had always envied. Never would I ever have guessed we could make that happen in our oddly shaped kitchen. She has an eye and knows how to execute her vision. I highly recommend working with Susan!!!!"

Susan's obsession for authentic design, quality craftsmanship, and concise approach, leads her passion as she continues to create one-of-a-kind spaces and homes.

Susan's many satisfied clients consistently point to her unique gift to understand her client's vision.  Out of the hearts and minds of her clients, into a sketch, then a blueprint, and finally a home to make memories in.  Susan loves bringing ideas to life.

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